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Welcome to Birmingham Archaeo-Environmental

Birmingham Archaeo-Environmental (BAE) are one of the few consultancies in Britain which specialises entirely in environmental archaeology, palaeoecology, geoarchaeology, landscape survey, visualisation and reconstruction.

We can provide a complete archaeo-environmental package from project design and field work through to laboratory analysis and publication standard reports. In-house proxy experience includes pollen, waterlogged and charred plant remains, human bone, diatoms and palaeoentomology. The landscape service is supported by a full range of state-of-the-art GPS, laser scan, GIS and other technical survey/mapping solutions. The team has extensive commercial and research experience gained in Britain, Europe and Northern Africa and is an integral part of the Institute for Archaeology and Antiquity and Birmingham Archaeology. It is this link that ensures that the commercial output is firmly situated within current research agendas and priorities. Birmingham Archaeo-Environmental is also able to draw on the expertise of specialists based within other departments at the University of Birmingham.


Ireland M3Hatfield Trackway
beccles marshesSutton Common